12 Lovey-Dovey Cats That Make Us Feel Forever Alone

With the holidays just around the corner, it’s natural for us to feel a little sadder than usual or a little bit more lonely. Well, how could we not? This is the time when we gather with friends, families, and loved ones. So can you blame us when we say that all we want for Christmas is love? And to make things even worse – our cats decided to sprinkle salt on our wounds by falling in love with the neighbor’s cat. So now, we get to watch our cat be in love. Which honestly, we’re not really complaining about. 

This brings us to today’s article. We were so inspired by the two felines bonding and loving each other that we decided to compile a nice collection of fellow lovey-dovey felines that too, make us feel jealous and alone. But hey, at least they’re happy… that’s all that matters. Anyway, we hope you enjoy your scroll and aren’t as bitter as us xoxo

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