15 Cats Whose Airplane Ears Are Ready For Lift Up, Take Off, And Landing

Greetings and salutations, boarding will now begin. Please keep the aisles clear so that we can accommodate as many passengers as quickly and smoothly as possible. Have a wonderful flight! Have y’all ever noticed how your cats’ ears indicate quite a bit about what kind of mood they are in? A happy, relaxed or playful cat’s ears will point up and be positioned slightly forward. When a cat’s ears stand at attention like this, the animal is alert because something has caught his attention. This kitty’s ears indicate that he’s irritated, anxious or frightened. If you’re a cat owner, you’re familiar with the airplane ears phenomenon.

Airplane ears are when cats flatten their ears, replicating an airplane that’s about to fly somewhere far away. They say that cats go into airplane mode when they’re frightened, intimidated, or curious… but if we’re being completely honest, sometimes our cats are so dramatic they get ready for take-off even when we do the simplest of things like cutting cucumbers. Boarding is now complete, cross check and all call. 

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