15 Funniest Videos of Cats Experiencing a Winter Wonderland of Snow for the First Time

You would think that most indoor fuzzy feline friends were not meant for the snow. Their delicate cute little toe beans having to touch that icy powder? Sounds wrong. However, some absolutely adore the snow! They dig deep down within their soul and find their snow leopard roots and dive right for the fluffiest mound of snow to attack. It’s adorable seeing a floof ball kitty cat fly through the air and then disappear into a mountain of nothingness. They are the void, and it is the cutest void ever. However, you will find that some kitties place one paw on the white stuff that came from the sky and simply say “nope.” Still, just seeing that adorable smol lil baby paw print in the snow is the cutest. So we’ve gathered some of our favorite videos of cats experiencing snow for the very first time and we would catch them over and over again. Enjoy! 

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