20 Cutest Kittens Of The Week: The Tiniest Fluffiest Criminals (December 24, 2022)

Guys, the day is almost here. The Day. Christmas day. This is, in fact, the last day before it, and we need to start this day off on the right paw so that we may fill up with as much positive energy as possible. And what’s the best way to start the day purrfectly, you ask? Why, obviously it’s by celebrating and appreciating a whole new collection of criminals – also known as teeny weeny adorable kittens. 

That’s right, week by week, we put together a collection of the cutest kittens of the week. We, of course, warn you guys of the danger of these creatures, we warn you of the power that they have over us, we tell you that you will be awwing uncontrollably, and that if you manage to reach the end of the listicle, you will be overcome by the need to adopt a kitten. But you keep on coming, and despite knowing all the risks, these tiny things make you keep smiling – like they do to us – so give in and smile ahead. And have a lovely Christmas! 

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