‘2025 Armageddon’ Trailer Brings Together Mega Shark, Mega Piranha, Sharknado and More

Final Destination creator, Jeffrey Reddick is teaming up with Sleepaway Camp’s Felissa Rose and Dave Sheridan are producing a New Years set slasher titled, New Fears Eve. Quite a bit of heavy hitters of horror here.

New Fears Eve is currently seeking backing on indiegogo.com. Best of all it is very close to its overall goal with $36,570 – so far. In order to back the project yourself head over HERE. Blood Moon Pictures is also producing.

The synopsis for New Fears Eve goes like this:

As the coming year approaches, three best friends reluctantly prepare for Hooper Industries’ annual New Year’s Eve bash. The clock ticks down and the body count rises as a psychotic murderer known as The Doctor is on the loose. This sadistic surgeon of death leaves Owensboro covered in blood as local police and FBI are forced to navigate through a maze of bodies left in his wake. Unbeknownst to the three best friends, their mandatory party is about to turn deadly when the killer sets his sights on them. December 31 becomes a party to die for when Leslie, Brian, Moses and their colleagues are trapped inside an inescapable building with a bloodthirsty madman hell bent on carving his way to midnight.


“Jeffrey Reddick worked on 13 Slays Till X-Mas, but in a limited capacity due to the pandemic, and we knew we wanted to work together in a more substantial way.” P.J. Starks told Rue Morgue. “When Eric and I started preproduction on New Fears Eve, we instantly knew this was that opportunity. Jeffrey had so many incredible things to say about 13 Slays, so when he asked to come onboard New Fears as a producer, it was very exciting. To know he respects our abilities that much is intensely humbling. Jeffrey will also have a role in the film, so I’m stoked to be working with him on set as well. Right now is a highly stressful time, as we move into scheduling, locking down all the loose ends and whatnot; we’re all just ready to be on set making magic!“

Be sure to check out the Indiegogo for the film and let us know what you think of New Fears Eve.

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