22 Funny Pictures Of Cats Being Their Lovable Goofball Selves

Hey guys. We don’t know about you, but we think that cats might just be nature’s glitchiest creation. Every so often they start engaging in behavior that most would consider, glitchy, but if you really know cats you know that it’s just plain cats being cats. Boy oh boy do they have interesting senses of humor.

This adorable compilation of funny pictures totally encompasses the silliness of cats and the every day lives they lead. One moment you may find your cat in the most random place, seated in a weird position, and that’s just your cat being him or herself. They often don’t realize how hilarious they are, or how much we humans perceive them to be total goofballs, but that’s okay.  We surely hope you guys enjoy this silly series that we have put together for you today. All you, the reader, has to do is sit back, relax, put your paws up and enjoy all of the hilarity that is to come.

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