26 Sweet & Silly Black Cat Pictures For Those Who Are Not Superstitious, Only A Little Stitious

Hey y’all! Most of you probably know this already but, In the animal kingdom, black cats have a bad rep. And it ain’t justified, that’s for darn sure. Many people believe that they’re bad luck. To be clear, just because many people believe it, does not mean that it is true! The origins of this superstition go way back to Medieval times in connection with witches. We think it’s time to update the status of the infamous black cats. This is for folks who are not superstitious, only a little stitious. 

If you’ve ever gotten to know a black cat, you’ll agree that black cats are as goofy, lovable and derpy as all the other colors of cats, if not even a little more. Their black cat magic may or may not be working on us, we love them. Black cats are purrfection, and we will not hear anything otherwise. In fact, here is a whole listicle full of black cat appreciation – from the sweetest voids to the sassiest black holes, we love them all.  Today we have put together for you a black cat magic overload, a delightful dump of voids.

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