28 Pics Of Rescued Shoulder Cats & Kittens Making Plans For World Domination

As cat people, our one and only mission in life is to please and serve our cats. But first, we must find our masters. Some people adopt from shelters, others from the streets. And then there are those that get adopted by their masters. A.k.a the lucky ones. Once the adoption phase is completed, it’s time to move on to phase number 2: the household training phase. This is where you train your cat to know that everything belongs to him and he is, in fact, the owner of the household. 

After that, comes phase 3. A little something we like to call world domination. This is the time for your cat to shine and storm up a wave of plans to take control over the entire universe! Mwuahaha. With that being said, we present to you a nice and chunky Twitter thread of adopted cats and kittens that love to plan and scheme as they fit and sit on their hooman’s shoulders. 

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