50 Cat Pics Featuring Felines Embracing The Fact That They Are Weird Lil Guys And Total Derps

Hey pals. Y’all already know that feline goodness is a mindset, a way of life. We love it, and we can never ever get enough. We cat lovers appreciate kitty cats in all their adorable glory, not only are they adorable, they are also weird as heck. And we mean weird AS HECK. Cats might be amongst the weirdest lil guys of all weird lil guys. They just do their own thing, act like total derps and the internet is here for it and so are we. 

Whenever we see someone doing something silly or weird there’s an immediate question that comes to our minds: was that on camera? Alternatively, a lot of the time if we do something stupid, right afterwards we’ll look around and go: “God, I hope that wasn’t on camera!” Our cats are often not as lucky as we, and you best believe that we cat owners catch on camera all of their silly moments embracing the fact that they are weird lil guys and total derps on. They sure are silly. And that’s what we love about cats. They march to the beats of their own drums, they are their own complete individuals though they do indulge us humans with their love and attention and we are grateful. Big shout out to our four-legged feline friends. Keep bein’ weird. 


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