’90 Day Fiancé’ Star Stephanie Matto Selling Fart-Filled Christmas Balls

90 Day Fiancé star Stephanie Matto, who vent viral earlier this year over her apparently very lucrative “fart in a jar” business, is officially back in the fart business. And just in time for the holidays, this time the 32-year-old is selling fart-filled Christmas balls alongside her fellow reality star Tania Maduro to get everyone feeling pretty festive.

“For the first time ever by popular demand, coming to a Christmas tree near you,” Matto wrote on Instagram earlier this month. “There really is no gift more special, perfect than a fart ornament specially crafted and made by Tania Maduro and myself! Give the gift that smells like ChristmASS.”

In the accompanying video, Matto and Maduro dance around seductively to Wham!’s “Last Christmas” while wearing skimpy Christmas outfits and showing off their gassy wares.

In a second video this week, Matto appeared solo in a deliberately half-zipped reindeer hoodie — and evidently little else — to give a last minute boost to sales.

“Last Christmas I gave you my fart,” she quipped. “Orders are filling up fast! Want to thank everyone, next up? A special holiday collab with Tania Maduro on our Unfiltrd collab page … I think this one might put us on the naughty list though.” Matto likewise added in a video caption that the fart balls were “the perfect gift for your weird uncle.”

She’s not wrong! And if nothing else, it gives a whole new meaning to “Jingle Bells, Batman Smells.”

Matto initially had to hit pause on her fart business after a health scare that sent her to the emergency room, where she had to undergo tests including bloodwork and an EKG. However, the root of the problem turned out to be the fiber-heavy diet she had been consuming, including beans, protein shakes, and eggs, to ensure that her fans received the highest quality fart jars this side of the black market.

For awhile, Matto pivoted her fart jar business to selling her own boob sweat, which required her to sit by her pool for around four hours a day to harvest. However, the hard work was worth it, as she could typically fill up to 10 bottles per day, which she would then sell for $700 apiece, bringing in a nice $7,000 daily profit.

In addition to her various bodily fluid and gas side hustles, Matto also has a popular following on YouTube with approximately 375,000 subscribers, and likewise founded the X-rated subscription site Unfiltrd. Gotta respect that hustle.

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