A Ballroom Dancer Whirlwind Romance in ‘Of An Age’ Official Trailer

A Ballroom Dancer Whirlwind Romance in ‘Of An Age’ Official Trailer

by Alex Billington
December 20, 2022
Source: YouTube

“Will it last a moment… or a lifetime?” Focus Features has revealed an official trailer for an indie romantic drama titled Of An Age, the next film from director Goran Stolevski, who also premiered You Won’t Be Alone earlier this year at Sundance. Of An Age recently premiered at the 2022 Melbourne Film Festival and will be out in US theaters in February. The film stars Elias Anton as Kol, a Serbian immigrant in Australia who enters a brief but intense gay romance with Adam (Thom Green), the brother of his ballroom dance partner Ebony (Hattie Hook). He is an ambitious young dancer who gets caught up in “an unexpected and intense 24-hour romance with a friend’s older brother.” Sounds spicy. It’s described by the festival as “a heart-meltingly tender, quintessentially Melbourne queer coming-of-age tale that will make you swoon from beginning to end.” From the looks of it, this looks like it really will sweep us all away with the power of love.

Here’s the official US trailer for Goran Stolevski’s Of An Age, direct from Focus’ YouTube:

Of An Age Poster

Of An Age Poster

Description from MIFF: It’s the summer of 1999 and two teens fresh out of high school – reserved, Serbian-born Nikola (Elias Anton) and fiery Ebony (Hattie Hook) – are partners for a dance competition. On the big day, Nikola gets a distressed call from Ebony, asking to be rescued from the other side of town, so he enlists her brother, the charming Adam (Thom Green), to take him there. On the drive, amid traffic and amicable swagger, the two young men discover a mutual spark … but Adam is leaving the country in 24 hours. Of An Age is both written and directed by Australian-Macedonian filmmaker Goran Stolevski, his second feature film after the indie You Won’t Be Alone from earlier this year, as well as many other short films. This initially premiered at the 2022 Melbourne Film Festival a few months ago. Focus Features will debut Stolevski’s Of An Age in select US theaters starting on February 10th, 2023 coming up this winter.

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