Adrián García Bogliano’s “BLACK CIRCLE,” with Christina Lindberg, coming to limited-edition Synapse/DiabolikDVD Blu-ray


The star of THRILLER: A CRUEL PICTURE (a.k.a. THEY CALL HER ONE EYE) is back in this psychedelic shocker.

Synapse Films and DiabolikDVD have announced their exclusive, limited-edition slipcovered Blu-ray release of BLACK CIRCLE, written and directed by acclaimed Spanish horror filmmaker Adrián García Bogliano (HERE COMES THE DEVIL, LATE PHASES). It stars cult-fave Swedish actress Christina Lindberg, Felice Jankell, Erika Midfjäll, Hanna Midfjäll, Hanna Asp, Johan Palm, Hans Sandqvist and Inger Nilsson (Pippi Longstocking, all grown up!). The synopsis: “Two sisters, Celeste [Jankell] and Isa [Midfjäll], fall under the terrifying spell of a mysterious vinyl record from the 1970s. Used to help with stress and bring the listener to a state of calming self-hypnosis, the recording has the unfortunate side effect of manifesting a doppelganger of the listener into our world. This ‘double’ then grows stronger by the day to copy and take over the life of the person who played the vinyl. Seeking the help of the woman who originally created the recording, hypnotist Lena Carlsson [Lindberg], Celeste and Isa try to banish the doppelgangers back to their own world before their lives are lost forever.”

The all-region disc presents the movie in hi-def 1080p 2.35:1 widescreen, with Swedish DTS-HD MA 5.1 Surround Sound and English subtitles. The special features are:

  • Audio commentary by director Adrián García Bogliano
  • Original teaser trailer
  • DON’T OPEN YOUR EYES: Original short film
  • Interview with Adrián García Bogliano and Christina Lindberg
  • Inside BLACK CIRCLE: Behind-the-scenes featurette
  • Still gallery

Also included is Rickard Gramfors’ original motion picture soundtrack on a compact disc. Retail price is $29.95, and the Blu-ray can be ordered only from Synapse Films and DiabolikDVD.

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