Betty the Hairless Sphynx Cat Gets Feisty and Festive, Wearing Silly Holiday Hats and Screaming at Her Owner

Whenever someone see’s a person out in the world with an adorable pet all dressed up in cutesy clothes, that feels a bit like an invitation for attention. Usually, a person who has a dressed up animal is ready to chat with whomever approaches them. However, what are they supposed to do if their pet is hostile by nature? Betty, a bald sphynx cat, gets dressed up constantly because she gets chilly in the cool winter air, but she absolutely detests people. 


This grouchy grinch may look like she’s festive and happy-go-lucky, but Betty the best is not to be trifled with. With her sour expression and withered looking skin, Betty is not actually the most inviting creature. Of all the creatures on this Earth, Betty is the biggest dichotomy. Despite her angsty scowl, Betty actually loves to eat Pupachinos, a common Starbucks treat that is basically just a tiny cup of whipped cream. You would never know it by looking at her, but Betty is happy. 

More importantly, Betty isn’t the only bald cat of the family.Amanda, Betty’s owner, has a particular obsession with kitties and has a second bald sphynx named Smeagol. He is even more aptly named because of his raw-chicken appearance and snarky grin. 

Furthermore, Amanda has graced this Earth with the most outrageous gaggle of cats, with two sphynx babies and one fur baby. This holiday season she took a family photo of her clothed kitties that made them look like they were the most angry collection of cats on this planet. They sincerely look like they might attack her at any moment.

If you ever saw these cats out in the world, dressed to the nines in their crocheted hats and soft knit sweaters, do not be fooled! They may look kind and cuddly but these baldies are not something to mess with. Underneath all that yarn, they have a vendetta and something to prove, you can see it in their eyes when they wolf down Starbucks whipped cream. Danger: Bald and beautiful divas ahead. 

Is it even Christmas if you don’t get a pupcup? 


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