Bleach Lab’s latest single ‘Indigo’ leaves you feeling anything but blue

Bleach Lab‘s brand new single “Indigo”, is a hazy cut featuring splashy cymbals and bright rhythmic guitar riffs jangling throughout. The track is inspired by being in a harmful relationship with somebody who repeatedly tries to convince you they’re sorry.

“Indigo” showcases Bleach Lab’s ability to create alternative instrumentals that effortlessly flow together. The bright rhythmic guitar riffs are prominent and create an upbeat energy that’s contrasted by the hazy sound of the track. The splashy cymbals create a dreamy, ethereal atmosphere that draws the listener in.

Vocally, Bleach Lab further delivers a haunting performance. Lead singer, Jenna Kyle, sings with a delicate vulnerability that adds to the emotional impact of the track. Her voice has a soft, ethereal quality that works well with dreamy instrumentation.

The production of “Indigo” further emphasises the delicate greatness of this track, showcasing Bleach Lab’s ability to create a polished sound that’s both dreamy and impactful through its four-minute runtime. The mixed track is balanced, with each instrument standing out while still blending together seamlessly. The production adds to the emotional impact of the track and creates a sonic atmosphere that’s both haunting and uplifting.

I feel that “Indigo” showcases Bleach Lab’s ability to create alternative instrumentals, haunting vocals, and polished production nicely. The track is a must-listen for fans of dreamy alternative music and is a promising sign of what’s to come from the talented band.

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