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Get ready for a wicked wild new Japanese movie titled Ninja Vs. Shark! The trailer has dropped for this film, and it shows off some bonkers and brutally blood-soaked footage that a lot of you are going to enjoy. This is the kind of movie that a lot of audiences are going to have a blast watching. There’s also a lot more than just ninjas and sharks going on! Here’s the description of the story that it tells:

In the Edo period, at the remote village of Okitsu, the evil cult leader Koushirou uses ninjutsu to control sharks and forces them to attack local pearl divers so the cult can steal the pearls from their mangled corpses. Desperate for help, the village chief hires Kotaro Shiozaki, a guard at a nearby temple, but Kotaro soon finds his path blocked by lady ninja Kikuma, and a gigantic shark that doesn’t seem like something from this world.

The film was directed by Koichi Sakamoto and it will be released in Japanese theaters on April 14th. We have no idea when the rest of the world will get to experience the madness. The movie stars Kohshu Hirano, Shun Nishime, Julia Nagano, Kanon Miyahara and Yuichi Nakamura.

Enjoy the trailer!

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