Cardi B responds to criticism for recession comments

Cardi B has responded to criticism from a fan who suggested she had a net worth of $40million, while arguing that managing your finances isn’t any less important when you’re rich and famous.

Cardi had tweeted that “We going through a recession… Merry Christmas”, which attracted criticism from a fan who thought this was inappropriate to say considering her wealth. They replied with a tweet estimating the rapper’s net worth accompanied by a GIF of a man shaking his head.

Cardi then replied to set the record straight. “I’m worth more then that and guess what? If I don’t save, work and budget I could lose it too!” she wrote.

“What makes you think that no matter how much money you got you can’t lose it all if you don’t manage your money correctly. I too have bills, responsibilities and people I have to help,” she continued.

The rapper also recently teamed up with Rosalia for a remix of the Spanish singer’s hit ‘Despachá’. Rosalia said in a recent interview that she had “always wanted to work with [Cardi B]. Since [a] long time ago, I wanted to make music with her. And she knows I love her music, and she always supports me too.”

She also revealed that she thought Cardi made “perfect sense” for the track because it took influence from the music of the Dominican Republic, where Cardi is descended from. “And [Cardi] is Dominican, so who else is going to understand this better than her? It’s part of her, so I thought that it made complete sense. And she also loves the song.”

“I really love how she sounds when she’s rapping, it sounds urgent,” continued Rosalía. “So when she’s singing it, it sounds fresh. It’s really cool. Her energy’s the strongest. Her energy’s super pure and strong. I think that everybody can feel that. It doesn’t matter if you have seen her on stage or you have just seen her through your phone, everybody feels it, because that’s how special she is.”


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