Cats Showing Their Humans How Much They Love Them: The Sweetest And Most Wholesome Moments

For this week’s challenge, on such a cold winter’s day, we decided that we needed a bit of extra warmth in our hearts. Now, of course, you can go and get that warmth by wrapping yourself up in a blanket, by putting on another layer, or by making yourself a hot cup of cocoa, but there is one thing that will do the trick better than anything else, and that’s getting affection from your cat. Cats show affection in many different ways – some less obvious than others. But when they do, when you recognize that your cat is telling you that it loves you, there is nothing in the world that will warm your heart more. 

That’s why we asked you guys to tell us the sweetest things that your cats do to show you they love you, and my goodness, you sure did not disappoint. Some of the things we read in your answers warmed our hearts so much. Who needs blankets when you have moments like these?

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