Cheeky House Cats Poop In Dog Owner’s Garden, Heated Debate Ensues Over Double Standard That Benefits Cats Over Dogs

A hot topic that frequently comes up these days is the different double standards held in place for men and women. Today, we’re bringing that debate into the animal world – more specifically, the dogs and cats world. Even though they couldn’t be more different, they happen to be the most popular pets, so they are frequently compared to one another. In the Reddit thread we’re showcasing today, two bold house cats decided to poop in a dog-owner’s garden. The dog owner knew that they weren’t strays because they had collars on. In the post, the dog owner claimed that cats shouldn’t be allowed to roam the streets if they’re going to defecate in other people’s lawns. We definitely get where they’re coming from, especially since dogs aren’t allowed to roam the streets as freely as cats. Scroll down to read what fellow animal lovershad to stay about the double standard. 

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