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There is one character from the Scream franchise that I’ve always wanted to see return… Matthew Lillard’s Stu Macher. I’ve always thought that there was a chance that he could have survived, and with the Scream franchise finding big success again, it would be so cool to see him come back! The question is, is it even an option? Is it possible!?

I get into some Scream VI spoiler territory here!

In Scream VI, there was a conversation regarding Stu and a line about a conspiracy that Stu is still alive. In the original Scream film, Stu was stabbed multiple times and he had a TV dropped on his head. That TV was one of the props included in Scream VI and it was dropped on the head of one of the other killers.

During an interview with Variety, directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett asked if Kirby pushing the TV onto the killer to kill him was to prove to fans that the TV did in fact kill Stu. Unfortunately, Gillett’s response was “Yes.” He went on to explain:

“That is scripted, specifically, as a brutal and definitive kill. Guy and Jamie wrote the TV falling on Ethan’s head as a brutal and definitive kill.”

Vanderbilt added:

“I just loved that moment. Once we got the idea of her saying, ‘I saw that in a scary movie once,’ we had to do it. It’s the one last pop up! It was more about that than saying anything about all of the Stu truthers out there.”

While they are saying the TV drop is a definitive kill and that we shouldn’t expect to see Stu show up again in the franchise, when asked if Matthew Lillard could pop up in a future movie, Vanderbilt said: “There’s no good answer, so I will never confirm or deny stuff like that.” But, producer William Sherak did say: “Anything’s possible.”

Producer Paul Neinstein also said: “Characters can come in and out! There’s different ways to do it. It’s such a part of all of their lives; they have an affinity for Scream.”

So, while they have seemingly closed the door on the return to Stu telling us that the TV kill is definitive, they are also offering a little hope that maybe one day he could show up.

Would you like to see Stu return? Do you think the filmmakers will ever bring the character back for a future film?

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