Crisis Core: FF7 Reunion – All Wutai Spy Locations

Players get access to a rare online shop and progress toward multiple trophies/achievements when finding every Wutai Spy in Crisis Core: FF7 Reunion.

As players take on the role of the Soldier protagonist Zack in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion, they will assist the Shinra Corporation in various tasks, one of which involves the continuing battle against the nation of Wutai by tracking down all their spies hiding in Midgard. In addition, players have a chance to earn a special item called the Walnut Wood that works toward a specific trophy/achievement involving the important character Aerith, as well as a completion reward for finding each secret spy in the sectors of the massive industrial city. An objective that may be missed if players progress too far in the story is that the Wutai spy side quest gives more insight into the conflicts in the world of Final Fantasy 7.


In total, there are six Wutai spies within Midgard that players learn about from a Shinra soldier on Loveless Avenue in Sector 8. This individual alerts players traveling in Chapter 5 of the story and hints at the first location of a Wutai spy. Players cannot return to this figure if they progress past Chapter 7, so beginning this optional mission should bring about a commitment to its end. There are many missable opportunities in Crisis Core: FF7 Reunion, especially before the player’s journey takes them to Nibelheim during the later stages of the game, so players that want the rewards from this quest should prioritize its steps before moving on to another task.

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Every Wutai Spy Location in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion

Crisis Core: FF7 Reunion Sixth and Final Wutai Spy Child in Sector 5 Playground Area

Wutai Spy Location

How to Find

Loveless Avenue

The man in front of the blue pickup truck was hinted at by the soldier players spoke to. However, talking to him three times blows his cover, initiating a short cutscene of a chase between him and Zack.

Sector 5 Slum Market

A uniform from the Shinra infantry soldier was stolen, leading to this location. Speaking three times to the soldier “patrolling” the market area reveals this spy.

Shinra Building Headquarters

The elevators to the first floor lead to this spy, dressed as a Shinra executive with a suit to match will eventually appear. Despite his claims of being on the wrong floor, pressuring him three times reveals his nature as a Wutai spy.

Sector 8

After intel reveals that the next spy is a woman who loves money, players will find the spy near the fountain in Sector 8, talking to a man past the stairs. Speaking to the woman three times uncovers her identity.

Shinra HQ (Exhibition Quarters)

The man who appears to be a Shinra employee in front of a rocket model speaks briefly about Final Fantasy 7‘s Cid Highwind before revealing himself to be a spy in the third conversation.

Sector 5 Playground

The final Wutai spy turns out to be a child wearing a camo baseball cap; a fact players unearth after speaking with the young trooper three times.

Finding every Wutai Spy nets players the “Wutai’s Nemesis” Trophy and the Walnut Wood for constructing a flower wagon for Aerith to achieve the “Midgar Full of Flowers” trophy. Thankfully, each of the spies does not require players to complete another section of the story to unlock a new area first since each is located in sections the player has already been to. Players also gain access to a rare online shop, the Happy Turtle, where they may purchase valuable items for upcoming missions, including Materia in Crisis Core: FF7 Reunion. Mission 4-3-6 becomes available as well, proving the importance of finding every Wutai Spy even further in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion.

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