Every Available Locker Code (March 2023)

Locker Codes return in WWE 2K23 as a way for players to earn free rewards for a limited time in myFaction mode, with a singular phrase linking to an exclusive gift for March 2023. These gifts have existed throughout different 2K sports simulation titles and are expected to be a recurring feature in WWE 2K23. Although players do not have to spend any in-game currency to receive rewards given through Locker Codes, these phrases expire after a short time if not claimed quickly.


According to Sportskeeda, only one Locker Code for March 2023 exists right now. Due to the game’s recent launch and inclusion of other exclusive bonuses in the Icon edition of WWE 2K23, it is no surprise that developer Visual Concepts has kept the Locker Codes limited at this time. However, players should expect various rarity cards, nameplates, or series packs to become possible rewards in the near future as more Locker Codes are created month to month.

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Every Locker Code for March 2023 In WWE2K23

WWE 2K23's John Cena stands in front of the entrance ramp as he looks out into the crowd solemnly.

Locker Code

Redeemable Reward


Using this Code grants players an Emerald Tyler Breeze (Manager Series) card that unlocks after finishing myGM mode.

Players can redeem this Locker Code by opening the myFaction tab in the main menu. From there, traveling to the “Locker Codes” prompt leads players to a menu where they may type in the appropriate code without making any grammatical errors. Much like the Locker Codes from February in WWE 2K22, there are no restrictions to how players use the Emerald card they get once the Code has been used correctly. This time around, players may also choose to complete myGM mode first if they cannot redeem this Code before it expires.

It usually takes about a week or two before a Locker Code expires, so players are recommended to enter this phrase when logging into the game the next time. For those interested in the next Codes, players can follow the social media accounts of both Visual Concepts or Team 2K to see when new Locker Codes are announced. Typically, Locker Codes are given from an official Twitter page or associated sub-Reddit account.

An Emerald card remains an incredibly useful reward since players only gain these rare characters in every dozen or so series packs. The wrestlers available at launch in WWE 2K23 are vast, but earning more is always the goal of modes like myFaction. By using the Locker Code seen for March 2023 in WWE 2K23, players can avoid spending precious Virtual Currency (VC) on something they can gain for free.

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Source: Sportskeeda

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