[Exclusive] Hurricane Chris Speaks After Murder Acquittal

“We in the club hollin’ ‘A Bay! Bay!’” Good news for Chris ‘Hurricane Chris’ Dooley. The 34-year-old rapper was found not guilty of fatally shooting 32-year-old Danzeria Farris Jr in 2020.

A Shreveport jury returned a not guilty verdict late Tuesday night.

Hurricane Chris Releases Statement

In an exclusive statement to The Shade Room, the ‘Halle Berry’ rapper stated he was very thankful for the support of his family.

Tonight, I was found not guilty of second degree murder and illegal possession of stolen things, he stated.

I wanna thank God, my attorneys at the Washington & Wells Law Firm, and my family for standing with me as my life was on the line. They wanted to give me life if I was found guilty. Now I can hug my son and think about raising him to be a man, he expressed.

Continuing to speak on his experience:

This situation drained me and affected my health greatly. God I give u all the glory. I got my life back and words can’t explain how I feel. Thanks to everyone who wished me well.

June 2020 Fatal Shooting

If you recall, a local Louisiana man was shot and killed in the early morning hours in Shreveport. The shooting reportedly occurred around 1 AM at a Texaco gas station in the 2600 block of Hollywood Avenue.

The rapper told authorities that he shot the deceased in self-defense after struggling over his car. Officers dismissed his claims after security footage was obtained from the gas station and showed otherwise.

The ‘A Bay Bay’ rapper also faced a charge of one count of illegally possessing stolen things. The car he was driving at the time of the murder was reported stolen in Texas.

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