Exclusive photos/update: The Doctor is in for “NEW FEARS EVE”


Have a look at the villain and a couple of victims from the currently shooting slasher flick.

“We’re a little over halfway through filming, and everything is looking good,” writer/producer P.J. Starks tells RUE MORGUE about NEW FEARS EVE, which we previously reported on here and here. Eric Huskisson (3rd photo below) and Starks are directing, and also producing with co-stars Felissa Rose, Dave Sheridan and FINAL DESTINATION creator Jeffrey Reddick (4th photo below with Starks). The cast additionally includes Hannah Fierman (V/H/S), L.C. Holt (YOU’RE NEXT), Lily Claire Harvey, Jay Woolston, Alyssa Rhoads, Roni Jonah, Turner Vaughn and newcomer Jesse MacDonald as the movie’s villain, The Doctor.

“The highlight so far was filming with Jeffrey,” Starks continues. “It’s been surreal enough becoming his friend over the years, but getting to direct him in a project I conceived just put me over the moon. He’d been wanting to do a role that was more comedic in nature, so being able to give him that opportunity was very cool. I was also glad to have the experience working with Dave and Felissa, who both gave great performances. It’s been a lot of new opportunities for sure.”

Starks promises that fans of traditional slasher fare will definitely dig NEW FEARS EVE. “I’m an old-school slice-and-dice fan, so writing and ultimately co-directing this has been an absolute blast. We’ve got a unique and bad-ass killer with The Doctor. Of course I’m going to say a lot of positive things, though there have been some setbacks and compromises along the way. Those things happen. The Academy won’t be singing our praises, but as long as fans of the slasher subgenre have fun with our flick, that’s good enough for me.”

Huskisson agrees: “Production has had its hiccups, but we’re used to that by now, with this being our fourth feature, and I’m very pleased with how everything is looking up to this point. My favorite part of the project thus far is watching all the new talent and old talent mesh together. The actors and crew have done a wonderful job working together to get our shoots completed. It’s really awesome to watch!”

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