THE TAG-ALONG: DEVIL FISH *** Taiwan 2018 Dir: David Chuang. 114 mins

Following a watch of this, I learnt that this actually a prequel to The Tag-Along (2015) which explains why I felt it wasn’t explained fully and I felt a little lost.

It seems this had a really low budget as some of the camera work and film quality isn’t up to much. The effects are poor and don’t seem very realistic as they stand out in the shots. You can’t expect too much from a B movie though!

The casting was great with Vivian Hsu playing Huang Ya-Hui. She is quite mesmerising thanks to a solid performance, injecting fear into the audience due to genuine emotion being shown.

For an exorcism horror, this seemed quite unique due to how Hung (Wu-Hsiung Tsai) becomes possessed. You don’t see that often! Yes it’s silly, but aren’t most horror films? The writing was good but could have been edited in order to cut down the long run time. Whilst good, it just wasn’t really necessary.

Overall, worth a watch unless you expect too much.

Review by Poppy Blundell


THE TAG-ALONG: DEVIL FISH is out now on DVD from BayView Entertainment



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