Going To The Vet, As Told From A Cat’s Perspective (Video)

Going to the vet’s office with your cat is… a whole experience. We don’t like going to the vet’s office with our cats because we know that they don’t like it. And they don’t like it because it’s a change of scenery, because they don’t like change, because they don’t like strangers, or dogs… or other cats. Cats don’t like going to the vert for many reasons. To them, it’s like a whole adventure. A terrifying journey. And seeing them experience it truly makes us wonder what they are thinking through the experience. Enough to write a song about it, which our resident singing cat lady, Tracy Thorne, indeed did. 

For more of Tracy’s songs, you can listen to: The Christmas Cat Song, When your date is allergic to pets song, the Adopt Don’t Shop Song, and the RGF: The Resting Grump Face Cat Song. 

Check out Tracy’s social media: Facebook & Instagram. 

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