Harvey Winestein Finds New Legal Team Before Rape Trial Appeal

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In preparation for his upcoming court appeal, former Hollywood film producer Harvey Weinstein has announced that he’s looking for new lawyers for his legal team.

Deadline reported that Weinstein will not be using Mark Werksman and Alan Jackson’s services during his appeal. However, no new lawyer or firm was picked as of writing. But it was revealed that Weinstein has eyes on the West Coast legal community in hopes to overturn the recent verdict. Unfortunately, some lawyers have told Deadline that they wouldn’t consider answering Weinstien’s call due to his reputation.

 “I wouldn’t get near that mother*cker with a 10-foot pole.”

It was suggested that Weinstein needs to build a new strategy if he plans to appeal his 16-year sentence in his next court hearing. He needs someone who would create a “compelling counter-narrative” and who could send a message to the jury. It was also suggested that Weinstein needs to find himself a female lawyer to take his case if he were to have a fighting chance.

“He needs a new strategy to have an even a fighting chance. To question the credibility of the state’s witnesses, you have to offer a compelling counter narrative. To do that, you need a lawyer who is a great communicator, who sends a message to the jury with their presence.

“Not to sound like a fossil, but I think he needs to hire a woman,”

Weinstein was sentenced to 16 years in prison after he was found guilty of rape and sexual assault back in late February. The film producer declared his innocence during his final plea deal in court, claiming that this whole case was about “people going after his money,” that the victims are “actresses,” and that he “doesn’t deserve it” since he claims that there is “no evidence.” Alongside the recent judgment, Weinstein is also currently serving a 23-year prison sentence that he was given back in 2020.

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