Heartless Guy Tries to Put Down Sweet Orange Kitty with No Medical Records Explaining Why, Vet Tech Rescues Him and Finds Him a Furever Home Using TikTok

This is a heartbreaking story with the happiest of endings—we promise! If you’re a cat person then you know and understand that all cats deserve a chance to live their best life. They might not be as excitable as dogs, but they are just as loving companions. They will love you fiercely and look adorable while doing so. So when someone treats any cat poorly, that is just plain heartless and cruel. 

Recently, some heartless guy brought in an adorable orange cat. Owners of ginger cats know they are more on the chaotic side due to the fact that they all share one braincell, but they are just as lovable as any other cat! Even if you can’t handle them, it does not mean you get to condemn them to doom. This horrid man brought in this sweet orange kitty and told the veterinarian that they had to put him down. The vets and employees of the cat clinic couldn’t find anything wrong with the cat, so they asked why. The man made something up and then gave them two animal hospitals that allegedly had this cats medical records, but when they called, both hospitals had never heard of him. 

As a last attempt to rescue this cat, an employee served them surrender paperwork and the evil man gladly gave up the cat that he was just trying to ride the world of—absolutely heartbreaking! 

The employee took the cat home and he was an absolutely sweetheart. Well behaved and loved pets! But her apartment building didn’t allowed pets, so she didn’t know what to do. She turned to TikTok and shared the story of the poor orange cat, who she named Brennan, in hopes of finding a home. Luckily, the video went viral and she was bombarded with comments of cat lovers either willing to adopt sweet Brennan or donate money to help find a home for him! 

Now, the sweet baby who was only minutes away from losing his life is going to his furever home and destined to live all 9 of his feline lives and he will live them fully loved and taken care of. 

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