How Does The Afterlife Work In School Spirits? Ghost Rules Explained

The supernatural mystery series School Spirits has its own unique set of rules and regulations for the functionality of the afterlife. The setting of the original series is contained to the halls of student Maddie Nears’ high school, and it doubles as the place for the circumstances of her shocking and mysterious death. While the school comes to grips with the news of Maddie’s passing, or feigns to, viewers are left to decipher the authentic take on the ins and outs of ghosts and the spirit realm they populate alongside the School Spirits’ leading character.

Clear-cut characteristics of the afterlife still elude the audiences of the new series streaming on Paramount+. The show will drop season 1 episodes, and more revealing details to solve the mystery of Maddie Nears, on a scheduled basis. The slow drip of information enables audiences to speculate how the afterlife intertwines with the horde of high school spirits that Maddie joins in her death. Because a lot of the components in the streaming series are still left to mystery, the terms of the afterlife can come across as rather confusing, but here’s what’s known about it in School Spirits so far.

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School Spirits’ Afterlife Puts Ghosts In Limbo

Peyton List and Nick Pugliese in School Spirits

Maddie Nears, played by Cobra Kai Tory actress Peyton List, awakens in the boiler room of the school to find herself dazed and confused and far outside the reality that she is used to. She comes to the realization, after meeting the friendly apparition/guide Charley, that she is indeed dead and that her death brought her into some state of limbo, the conditions of which are quite uncompromising. In navigating her new reality described as being “literally a world away,” Maddie is made to reconcile with being confined within school perimeters indefinitely.

This does not put an end to Maddie’s attempts to break out of her hellish purgatory on a number of occasions, however. School Spirit makes an effort to display Maddie’s grit and determination, but her attempts to breach the perimeter of the school are met with failure – every time Maddie tries to leave, she is vacuumed back onto the premises to the very same spot she took her last breath. Before long, Maddie, disheartened but adamant about escaping her condition, is led by Charley to the support group established by other spirits stuck in the same purgatory state and informed of the remaining boundaries brought about in the afterlife.

What The Spirit Support Group Understands Of The Afterlife In School Spirits

Nick Pugliese and School Spirits cast in support group

One rule is already precipitated by Maddie’s predicament in the must-watch Paramount Plus TV show, and it is reiterated by the spirit support group Charley takes her to – anyone who died at or around the school remains there in limbo. For how long and why limbo works this way is up for debate; the group has yet to discover any evidence of an answer besides in the anecdote of “Janet,” an unrevealed spirit who has crossed over from purgatory. Despite the support group existing as an avenue for Maddie’s grief and claiming itself as such, Maddie cannot accept death and is further distressed by the other limitations death imposes on her.

The boundary that shakes actress Peyton List’s character the most, until it doesn’t, is her inability to communicate with the living. In fact, the spirit world is incapable of having communication with, or any physical effect on, the living and the living world. The spirits of Maddie’s high school cannot talk to the living, and although the ghosts disclose that they can touch and interact with everything, it will not change or translate in the real world; reciprocally, humans can’t interact nor see the deceased.

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How Maddie’s Experience Of The Afterlife Differs From Other Students In School Spirits

Peyton List and Kristian Flores in School Spirits

Fairly early on, Maddie, the support group, and audiences alike recognize that Maddie’s experience of purgatory is particularly individual. The Paramount Plus original series stages an unprecedented communication link between Maddie and her best friend Simon, which finds them able to speak with each other in places where others have died within the school. In spite of the fact that Maddie does not know the circumstances of her passing whereas every spirit typically does, she is given the advantage of correspondence with a member of the living, and this trait is what will certainly avail the investigation of her death as the plotline unfurls in School Spirits.

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