It's Caturday, So Celebrate With The Funniest And Most Purrfect Cat Memes Of The Week (December 24, 2022)

Gooooooood morning!!! We are feeling merry today! And not only because it’s almost Christmas – although that helps too – we’re feeling merry because it’s the best day of the week right before the best day of the year. It’s Caturday, and that means it’s time to celebrate! Of course, every Caturday must get started the only purrfect way possible – and that way is by laughing at a whole new collection of funny cat memes.

Week by week, without exception, we make sure that your Caturday starts off on the right paw. We spend the week going through every corner of the web in search for the most hissterical cat memes that we can find for the sole purpose of making your morning the best morning pawssible. So, please enjoy it, guys, have a pawnderful weekend and an amazing Christmas! 

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