Jeremy Renner Shares His Bed-Ridden ‘Spa Day’ in the ICU

On Jan. 2, Marvel actor Jeremy Renner was found in “critical but stable” condition after being airlifted following what was believed to be a weather-related accident, but was later revealed to be a snow-plowing incident. According to details from The Reno Gazette, Renner went to assist a driver trapped in their vehicle, when he was run over by his snowplow. On Jan. 4, Renner uploaded to Instagram to thank his followers for their kind words, stating that he was “too messed up now to type.”

Currently, Renner is still on the long road to recovery in the ICU after undergoing surgery on Jan. 2. Luckily, he isn’t alone. Renner’s mother and sister are there to offer him comfort and support. In a short, twenty-second clip, Renner can be seen getting his head massaged while communicating that this “spa day” was his “first shower in definitely a week or so.” He proceeded to say, “Gross.” Renner’s relatives attempted to lighten the mood, calling him “sexy” in his unflattering shower cap and hospital gown.

An outpouring of comments wished Renner all the best, reassuring him that he’s loved. “Wishing you a speedy recovery @JeremyRenner. Glad that you are alive,” one wrote. “Glad you are doing better there bud, take care man,” another said.

We, for one, are glad to see Renner still cracking jokes and remaining in high spirits despite such a traumatic incident. Given that the surgery seemed to go well, we can only hope that the worst is behind him as he looks ahead to a speedy recovery.

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