John DeNicola addresses the climate crisis with new track “Float On Hope” [Video]

John DeNicola‘s latest album, She Said, is an impressive display of his diverse musical abilities. The album, which features analog-synth-heavy tracks, is a far cry from DeNicola’s commercial success in the ’80s. It’s clear that his ability to imbue depth and dimension to pop music has not diminished in the slightest. This is especially apparent in the standout track “Float on Hope.”

DeNicola’s sources of inspiration for this track come from modern-day artists Tame Impala and Alex G among others, which is evident in the dreamy, psychedelic sound of the song. However, “Float on Hope” is not just a catchy tune, it’s also a thought-provoking meditation on the climate crisis. The animated video, created by Jenna Shot, focuses on the peril faced by the Amazon Rainforest, and the idea that our planet may soon become uninhabitable.

DeNicola’s delivery of the message in “Float on Hope” is masterful, and his skill as a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist is apparent, making it a true standout on the She Said album. DeNicola has been a part of the music industry for over five decades and has always been unafraid to explore new sounds and collaborate with diverse artists.

Through “Float on Hope,” DeNicola proves that he still has an ear for instant classics. He blends contemporary influences with his distinctive style, resulting in a track that is both timeless and timely. The track blends lo-fi acoustic sensibilities with further dreamy instrumentation, complimenting thick vocal stacks and a signature, warbling, arpeggiated analog synth.

With his impressive career thus far, it’s exciting to see DeNicola’s recent success as a solo artist, and it’s evident that he has much more to offer the music industry. “Float on Hope” is a beautiful reminder of the transformative power of music to inspire change and create hope.

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