KIANJA Shares a stunning, soulful new single “Ever Since You Went Away”

KIANJA’s new single “Ever Since You Went Away” is an authentic and soulful track that showcases her unique vocal talent. The song draws inspiration from R&B and is infused with old-school grooves and rhodes keys, which adds a distinct layer of emotion to the track. KIANJA’s lyrics are personal and introspective, exploring the feeling of loss after a breakup. She talks about the challenges of facing life alone again and how it feels to let go of someone who provided her with stability.

KIANJA’s journey as an artist began at the age of 12, where she discovered her love for songwriting and performing. Her passion for soul, reggae, and jazz music grew when she moved to Durban, South Africa, and was exposed to a new culture. She then returned to London and honed her craft at Tomorrow’s Warriors, Brit School, and Guildhall, where she received critical acclaim for her debut EP ‘Glory’.

“Ever Since You Went Away” showcases KIANJA’s evolution as an artist. The song is a raw and emotional expression of her own unique style, demonstrating her growth as a songwriter and performer.

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