“Look At Mah Leg!” 17 Cats Showing Off Their Flexibility With One Leg Outstretched

Cats are pretty flexible. Cats are able to rotate their supple spines more than many other animals and can twist their bodies to a much greater extent. Cats’ vertebrae—the spools-on-a-string-like bones in the back—are very flexibly connected and have especially elastic cushioning disks between them. We often find our cats twisted into the most bizarre positions as a result of their flexibility. Other times we find them showing off their flexibility with one leg outstretched in the most hilarious fashion.

We’ve put together a delightful compilation of 17 cats showing their humans how silly and stretchy they are by gracefully (and less gracefully) extending one leg in various directions. It’s cute a silly sight for eyes, so you best believe we are going to sit back, put our paws up, and enjoy all the silliness these pictures are serving. We live for feline goodness and cat-themed hilarity, and that’s exactly what we are bringing you here today. Enjoy!

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