Man Convicted Of ‘Bias Crime’ Sentenced To Reflect On Racism In Book Report

A Neo-Nazi in Portland, Oregon, who put an Anti-Semitic racial purity sticker outside the local Immigrant & Refugee Community Organization was sentenced to an interesting rehabilitative sentence: a book report and a letter of apology, in addition to probation and community service, Zane Sparling reports for the Oregonian.

When serving a warrant, police found a large number of firearms and neo-Nazi paraphernalia, including a large swastika flag, in his home. The man, who was convicted of a ‘bias crime’ for placing the sticker of a man in a ‘Heil Hitler’ pose with the word ‘PURE’ on a nonprofit’s gate, must read Ta-Nehisi Coates’ Between the World of Me, watch Myanmar’s Killing Fields about the genocide of Rohingya muslims, and write an apology letter and two essays about his assigned media.


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