Marissa Mah shares her journey to inspire others

Canada-based tour manager Marissa Mah is built up a reputation for providing rising artists a space in the industry that both they and she herself are passionate about. Having grown up with a love for music, Mah who played several instruments and sang in the choir, transformed her passion into a thriving career.

Facing various challenges from being a young Asian woman in a highly competitive industry to instances of being verbally harassed or restricted in her job, Mah overcame every hurdle in her way to lead the way within her role in music.

Becoming a beacon for other minorities in the industry and supporting other people of colour through a non-profit, Mah has made it a point to drive home the point that there is strength in numbers and that originality will take you far in your craft.

With dreams of expanding her tour management brand beyond the country’s borders, pushing on to an international stage, Mah is an empowering figure who has cemented her place in music.

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