Marjorie Taylor Greene, Believing Jan. 6 Detainees Are Being Treated ‘Worse than 9/11 Terrorists,’ Sings with Them in Jail

Marjorie Taylor Greene

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House of Representatives member Marjorie Taylor Greene is at it again as she continues to make downright insane claims regarding the Jan. 6th insurrectionists and apparently sings with the group in jail.

In a recent tweet, Greene claims that the Capitol rioters are being treated worse than 9/11 terrorists. From that statement alone, it seems safe to say she’s probably never stepped foot in Guantanamo Bay, but OK.

Those in Guantanamo Bay are being detained unlawfully and are frequently subjected to torture with some prisoners being maimed by officers. It’s one of the most shocking examples of human rights abuse in the U.S. and comparing what the Jan 6th rioters have brought upon themselves to the ordeals suffered by prisoners in Guantanamo Bay is ignorance at its finest. This isn’t even the first time she’s brought up the “terrible” conditions MAGA supporters are supposedly being subjected to.

This all comes after the rep went on a Twitter rant claiming that the Jan 6th riots were actually staged by Antifa and that the insurrection is a lie, so this new tweet shouldn’t be a shock coming from her.

Greene also commends the group for their recent success on Apple Music. The detainees released a song with Donald Trump to raise money for the families of those incarcerated for taking part in the events on the Jan 6. We’re pretty sure no one in Guantanamo Bay has ever been allowed to release a song. 

The song reached the number one spot on Apple Music yesterday. Yes, you read that right. The J6 Prison Choir, as they call themselves, and Donald Trump have performed a song together and that song just beat Miley Cyrus’s “Flowers” to the number one spot. If you’re wondering, the song is abysmal, but still Greene seems to think it’s a bop and so do a lot of people on Apple Music, apparently. Although it’s not doing too well on any of the other music streaming services, so maybe Marjorie’s getting a bit ahead of herself when she says it’s #1 everywhere.

The Georgian Republican claims she even sang with the detainees when she visited them. So maybe she’s right in saying the rioters are being treated worse than prisoners in Guantanamo bay, we couldn’t imagine anything worse than being forced to sing the national anthem with Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Responses to the tweet were divided, as many called her out for making such claims.

Others (although not many) applauded her for standing by them.

Some came in with some good roasts too.

Greene represents a very vocal, but thankfully minor, group of people that hold these beliefs. Nonetheless, it’s concerning that someone in a position of power should act so childish and borderline sociopathic.

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