Marjorie Taylor Greene Declares That the U.S. Is at War, Because We Definitely Need More Military Conflicts

Marjorie Taylor Greene

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The infamous House of Representatives member Marjorie Taylor Greene has once again gone viral on Twitter for all the wrong reasons as she puts her weight behind equally notorious House member Dan Crenshaw’s new bill.

Days after two of four Americans kidnapped in Matamoros were returned to the U.S., Republican figures have been pushing for U.S. military intervention in Mexico with Lindsey Graham announcing he would be introducing a bill to mark certain cartels as foreign terrorist organizations.

This has led to Dan Crenshaw announcing his plans to introduce a bill that would push the U.S. to use military force in the area, blaming the cartels for recent acts of violence and the fentanyl crisis in a USA Today op-ed. Earlier today, Greene announced she would co-sponsor this bill. In a tweet, Greene referred to this action as going to war with the cartels, saying:

“I’m proud to co-sponsor @RepDanCrenshaw’s legislation to declare WAR on the Mexican cartels.

We must authorize the use of military force to eliminate the thugs who are smuggling drugs and illegal aliens across our southern border, leading to crime and the murder of countless Americans.

While cartel members wait for their fate to be sealed by our great military, we will put a hit on their bank accounts by sanctioning any government that supports or allows cartels to operate.”

Of course, Greene used this announcement to imply that the cartels were aided by the Democrats, noting that:

“This legislation will use every tool available from increased federal criminal penalties, bypassing Democrat District Attorneys and prosecutors who refuse to apply existing federal law, and even denaturalization.
There is a war going on that affects every single American, but it’s not in Ukraine or the Middle East, it’s on our Southern border.”

It is currently unknown when or if the bill will be voted on or if it has the votes to be passed in both the House and Senate.

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