Mike Judge Was ‘90%’ Of The Reason Jason Bateman Joined Extract

During an interview promoting “Extract” with Collider, Jason Bateman said Mike Judge was “90%” of the reason why he joined the film, with the other 10% represented by the script. Bateman and Judge shared a manager at the time, Michael Rotenberg, who worked his managerial magic to make the connection. “[Rotenberg] told me about this project that Mike [Judge] had been playing with for a long time and I guess got the blessing from Mike to send me the script,” Bateman said. “And I read the script and loved that and then Mike and I had lunch and we talked about it and it seemed like maybe he was going to maybe give me the part.”

Bateman said he and Judge continued to meet about the project until Rotenberg ended up securing the necessary finances to bring the film to life. Luckily, it was the kind of financing that didn’t come with strings attached. “Mike’s got such a specific sensibility and comedic tone that if he got money in there that’s sticking their finger in the cooking, it can start to kind of dilute the product,” said Bateman. “So it took about 3 years until we got the right kind of money so he could have some autonomy.” 

As far as this writer is concerned, “Extract” was well worth the wait. The film provides some of the best examples of Judge’s comedic impulses, and some stellar performances from comedy greats.

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