Mischievous Kitty Is Mean To Everyone But Her Lizard Brother (Video)

We don’t think we’ve ever related to a cat more in our lives. We always say that cats are our spirit animals and we really mean it. We’re just as mischievous and aloof and have just as much ‘idgaf’ energy as any ordinary cat. And honestly, that’s why we get along with them so well – because we get them. Often, cats choose their person and will be nice to that person and that person only. Again, same here… we keep our circle small. 

But sometimes, cats will do a complete 180 where instead of choosing a hooman, they’d rather opt for an animal sibling. Like, for example, the hero of today’s video. The highlight is on an adorable cat named Atlas, a mischievous little criminal. She takes part in all sorts of crimes; theft, money laundering, you name it. She attacks anyone and everyone except for… her lizard brother Junior. Have a watch for yourself, we’re sure that their bond will warm your hearts in no time! 

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