Natalie explores the ups and downs of sapphic desire in her new single “Evil”

Emerging genre-defying singer and producer Natalie’s newest release “Evil” once again showcases her penchant for pushing the musical ceiling on her own terms. The new single explores the dynamics of sapphic relationships while mocking societal views that look down on it. Far from playing the victim, she cleverly looks at the two opposing forces from a nuanced perspective and digs into the craziness of it as well.

The self-produced track builds up slowly with an ominous bell synth and once the bass-laden drums come in, Natalie takes it up a notch with her laidback sultry vocals and ear-grabbing sound design. She takes listeners deep into the mix of the action, breaking down the stigma and stereotypes associated with lesbian-hook-up culture. She doesn’t hold back and offers a revealing insight into the chaotic aspects reminding everyone that nothing is perfect or exactly what it might seem.

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