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Dark Horse comics have teamed up with legendary comic creators Jim Starlin and Rags Morales in a new space opera story, Order and Outrage. With colorist Hailey Brown and letterer Michael Heisler, the new comic is a new sci fi epic about resisting forces of a ruthless totalitarian regime. Here’s the official synopsis:

Gene manipulation has always been solely for those who can afford the expensive prenatal treatments. Income determines status and, more importantly, survival. If your genes have not been optimized, the Order has no use for you. You are non-essential. Less than. To be eliminated. Everything is geared to keeping the ship of state sailing along smoothly, no matter the cost. 

But in every totalitarian system lie the seeds of rebellion, independence, and OUTRAGE.

Sounds like the kind of comic Star Wars fans would be interested in reading. Morales was excited to work with Starlin in this new project and has this to say:

I’m super excited to work with the man who taught me how to draw space gauntlets, while perusing my copies of Captain Marvel back in the 1970’s… …That, and if anyone knows me, knows how much of a political pain in the xxx I am.  So ORDER and OUTRAGE is my kinda story. Lookout Order, here comes the rebellion!

You can pick up issue one when it is available on March 23, 2023 in comic shops and it is available to pre order now. There are also other version covers by Starlin, so be on the look out for those alternate copies. 

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