Peculiar Kitty Cat Loudly Meows For Woman To Open Her Door But Doesn't Come In, Turns Out There's A Sweet Reason For It (Video)

Bring out the tissues, friends, because this one is a tear-jerker. Not in a bad way though. We promise that there is a happy ending here. This video only made us emotional because it showed us – yet again – that no matter how many times people argue that cats don’t care about their humans, don’t really love their humans, tolerate us at best, they are wrong. Cats love their humans so much. 

Not only that, but cats remember their humans. If you thought that your cat will forget you when you go on a two-week vacation, this video shows that that’s not the case. We knew that from watching videos of cats reunite with their owners. Whether it’s a cat reuniting with their human after one year apart or a cat reuniting with their human after 11 years apart – they remember us, and they love us. And without further spoilers and further ado, enjoy!

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