Police1 Releases its 2023 Police Leadership Guide

Police1, an online resource for law enforcement, has released its 2023 guide on some of the biggest issues facing police right now. The guide offers strategy from 23 experts in criminal justice and law enforcement for tackling some present and some new challenges for those in leadership positions within law enforcement

The guide covers active shooter response and notes the May 2022 mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas as a catalyst for bringing active shooter response to the priorities list for any law enforcement agency.

Dr. J. Pete Blair a Professor of Criminal Justice at Texas State University and the Executive Director of the Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training (ALERRT) Center at Texas State University, was the expert for this section of 23 on 2023 and he stressed two main points: training to stop these attacks must be year round and after the first round of officers on the scene, building out a incident command structure is vital to effective response. 

Dr. Tamara D. Herold, a crime science professor at the University of Nevada co-developed the nationally recognized violence reduction strategy P.I.V.O.T. (Place- based Investigations of Violent Offender Territories) in 2017 and gave a road map for evidence based policing for Police1’s guide.

She focuses on the need for evidence based policing when tackling gun violence and the benefits of using Place Network Investigations (PNI) strategy to that effect. Herold says PNI is effective at tackling hotspots for crime by realizing crime is concentrated and working with communities to identify crime place networks, a strategy Herold says minimizes risk to officers and widespread arrests. 

The guide emphasizes police wellness and mental health. Mandy Nice, Lexipol Cordico strategic wellness director and the International Association of Chiefs of Police Physical Wellness Committee chair and has also won awards for her wellness program designs, discusses different ways of strengthening wellness support and gives different resources for law enforcement.

Nice also mentions integrating Human Performance Optimization (HPO) strategies as one way of preserving the health, wellness and career longevity of law enforcement. 

The other suggestions in the guide include advice on conflict management, crisis communications, digital evidence, female officer recruitment, officer safety, real-time crime centers, recruitment, tactical disengagement and transparency.

Download and read the full guide from Police1 here. 

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