Proud Cat Mom of a Deaf Feline Turns to Social Media for Tips and Tricks on Caring for Her Hearing Impaired Fur Baby

Every cat is different and requires a different kind of care, just like any individual. When it comes to a deaf pet, however, you might have to tweak some things that you wouldn’t think twice about doing with a hearing pet. 

For example, this sweet deaf kitty named Lokum Olive has gone viral online for his adorableness, but also helpful tips and tricks. His cat mom posts some of the things she does to make Lokum’s life better and others head to the comment section to add their advice with raising a deaf cat as well. The most recent discussion is how you wake up a deaf cat? 


Blowing on the deaf baby to gentle wake her up:

A deaf cat will get startled being awaken no matter how gentle you are. Think about it, if you can’t hear someone approaching and then all of a sudden there is someone right there, it’s startling. Lokum’s mama usually just gentle pets her baby to wake him up, but others suggested gently blowing on him first. However, in every technique he gets a little startled, but he’s still happy to see his mama there!


One person also suggested, “I also have a deaf cat, and if he is sleeping I will lightly pat the floor / wherever he’s sleeping on so he feels the vibrations and wakes up.” Another added, “I think it might be best to keep it consistent? The method you choose might scare her at first but then she might learn that it’s you?”

Coming home to a deaf cat:

Also, many are surprised at how vocal Lokum is. He is constantly meowing loudly even though he technically can’t hear himself talk. One person commented, “I had a deaf cat omg they be meowing so loud!” 

There are many different ways to care for a deaf cat and you have to figure out which works best with your fur baby. But there is one thing we can all agree one, these babies are 100% ADORABLE. 

The many sounds of a deaf cat

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