Psychological Sci-Fi Horror Game ‘The Voidness’ Pushed to April 7 Release

It’s Bioshock Infinite on Safe Room this week, but be sure to check out our look at a selection of bite-sized horror games in the March edition of Horror Bytes.

Few franchises have cemented themselves into the pantheon of spiritual successors that expand upon their influences with such staggering visual and thematic language as Bioshock has. From the underwater dystopian of Rapture to the militantly theocratic and fascist society in the skies of Columbia, the Bioshock brand has never shied away from exploring the unfettered abuses of power by man. And ten years later, Irrational Games’ most controversial entry in the series, Bioshock: Infinite, proves that there is plenty of conversation still to be had.

So for this week’s lengthy chat, we’re joined by returning friend Michael Sandal to unpack Infinite’s inclusion of a fully voiced protagonist, how the game avoids feeling like one long escort mission, and how it maneuvers its handling of political and taboo subject matter.

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Want more chat on the Bioshock series after this Bioshock Infinite Safe Room episode? Last August, we had Bloody Disgusting contributor Michael Pementel on the show to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the original Bioshock.

Next week, Safe Room reviews HBO’s first season of The Last of Us. We’ll be discussing those central performances, missing pieces, those big moments , and more. If you have any strong opinions on the first season, please let us know on the above Twitter handles!

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