Music finds another gear in new single, “auburn”

Ontario’s has been writing, producing, and creating visual art, commercially at least, since 2018’s “Clementine.” Since then, we’ve seen three projects and a scattering of single has seen him wearing a different production style to speak his mind. His deeply introspective, personal lyrics have been put to music frequently by himself as a self-producer, his right hand man,, or even the huge departure into a pseudo hyper pop vehicle seen late last year in Lecx Stacy and Ark Patrol teamed up on “i wish i never had you.” The consistency through these evolutions has always been quami’s writing talents and, most frequently, down tempo, subdued reflection in his lyrics. Maybe keeping a trend with “i wish i never had you” though, “auburn” is a warm, feel good track bright with vocal performances and production palettes.

An explorative, open-eyed instrumental crafted by quami, Matt Neighbour, and longtime friend and collaborator, lay the groundwork for what is maybe the most dense, lush track of his to date. The general vibe is positive, but no where near saccharine. It feels more like finding the positivity in the gray rather than choosing to ignore problems all together. Line like, “Maybe its all love/ maybe its all lies / But we could get along” find a measured, inner-dialogue that ends up leaving the listener with a smile. quami also delivers his widest variety of vocals in this track. His chorus work is excellent and he works as his own feature, with a verse to act as a bridge over an active 808 section.

“auburn is currently available via THANKS Recording / The Orchard through all major streaming services. quami has been active in consistently releasing music since 2018. Make sure to stay up to date with him via the links below.

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