Rubi Rose Confirms ‘New’ Relationship With French Montana

It looks like Rubi Rose has put February’s DDG drama behind her. The Big Mouth rapper confirmed to The Shade Room that she “just started dating” French Montana. 

TMZ first broke the story, citing a “source close to the couple” and footage of the new pair heading to dinner in California. On Tuesday, Rubi told TSR their relationship is still in its amateur stages.

“It’s new we chilling and getting to know each other still,” Rubi said in a written message.

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Though she declined to provide exclusive images of them together, Rubi plans to share more about their blossoming romance “if and when it gets there.” As mentioned, surfaced footage shows French and Rubi arriving at a restaurant in Beverly Hills on Monday (March 14) evening.

In the short clip, French Montana got out of a red vehicle, followed by another man dressed in all black–presumed to be security. As French continued walking toward the restaurant (and flashing cameras), Rubi emerged from the vehicle.

Dressed in a two-piece sweatsuit and sneakers, she increased her walking pace to catch up to French. She can be heard saying, “what the f**k,” seemingly addressing the paparazzi surrounding them and slightly attempting to hide her face.

As the new couple entered the restaurant’s outside patio, French draped his arm around Rubi’s shoulders.

At this time, it’s unclear how the pair met. However, if you didn’t know, they’re both involved in the music industry as artists.

The new relationship is a slight distraction from last month’s Twitter beef between Rubi and her ex-boyfriend DDG. At the time, Rubi labeled DDG a “weirdo,” implying that his current girlfriend Halle Bailey was wearing her shirt.

Halle seemingly addressed the claims saying, “the devil is working, lol please don’t feed into the lies.” Meanwhile, DDG and Rose exchanged multiple accusations, including Rose sharing evidence of DDG sliding in her DMs during his relationship with Halle. In turn, DDG claimed Rubi has been trying to rekindle their relationship “ever since [he] moved on.” 

Days after their public dispute, DDG released a song called Way Too Petty. In the track, he labeled Rose a “b***h” while denying the shirt Halle wore belonged to Rose.

After the song was released, DDG and Halle were spotted at Milan Fashion Week. Most recently, the couple attended the Vanity Fair Oscars after-party together.

Maybe we’ll see French and Rubi there next year? Only time will tell!

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