SnyderVerse Fans Uncover Secret Audio Message Hidden in Zack Snyder’s Mind-Shattering ‘Save the Date’ Tweet

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Zack Snyder has singlehandedly turned what was set to be a quiet day in DC-land into a crisis of infinite proportions, as SnyderVerse fans are losing it at the Justice League director’s revelation that he’s got something big in the works. The filmmaker took to Twitter today to share a cryptic message narrated by none other than Darkseid that promises DCEU fans need to prepare for treats to come across April 28-30. But that’s not all it has to say either, as the video contains a secret additional warning.

The short 14-second teaser takes the form of a “incoming transmission” message which begins with overlapping radio signals and various voices before the voice of the ruler of Apokolips (voiced again by Ray Porter, who played him in Zack Snyder’s Justice League) makes an announcement. If you draw your attention away from the words of Darkseid, though, you may detect a hidden message within the earlier part of the video.

According to one industrious fan’s comment, “if you play it backwards, you hear Ray Porter saying Earth and the radio saying DARKSEID’S COMING!” WGTC’s own investigation into this confirms that, yes, it certainly does sound like this is the secret message hidden in Snyder’s “Save the Date” teaser. So what are we to make of this? Well, it surely only adds more fuel to the fire that Snyder is bringing back Darkseid to our screens in some shape or form.

Before we get too excited about Snyder returning to the DC universe to make a new movie or anything, however, be aware that it’s believed this video is teasing a second SnyderCon, a follow-up to the fan event hosted by the director in order to raise money for charity that he previously held in spring 2021. Folks are wondering if Snyder is going to share some new deleted Justice League footage at the con, which may include some fresh sequences featuring Darkseid. Keep an eye on Snyder’s socials for more.

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