Tabletop RPG Fans Raise Over $100,000 Dollars to Fight Ron DeSantis’ Ongoing Transphobic Laws in Florida

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Is there anything so remarkably, poetically mighty as the power of community? If the trajectory of one gaming initiative is any indication, that answer is a resounding “no,” similar to the answer we should all be giving in the face of Ron DeSantis‘ heinous transphobia.

A tabletop roleplaying game bundle on, dubbed “TTRPGs for Trans Rights in Florida,” went live just two days ago on March 13. The bundle, consisting of over 500 tabletop roleplaying games from 254 different creators, can be purchased for a price as low as $5 with the option to pay much more.

All proceeds go directly to Zebra Youth, an organization that works with queer youth to provide stability and recovery from hardship, and Transinclusive Group, a South Florida-based advocacy group that works to ensure equitable access to resources for trans people, and developing a community with a holistic approach to ending discrimination and stigmatization.

Earlier today, the initiative reached its then-donation goal of $100,000. A new goal of $250,000 has since been set.

The bundle follows the efforts of the previous “TTRPGs for Trans Rights in Texas,” and was created in response to recent legislation in Florida that includes a ban on gender-affirming healthcare, bills preventing trans youth from getting involved in recreational or school sports, and forbidding schools from teaching any LGBTQ+ topics to their students.

May this delightful milestone, hopefully, one of many, serve as an omen for what’s in store for queer youth of the future, where pathetic attempts by politicians to erase people they don’t understand become nothing but a footnote in the high school history books of tomorrow.

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