The Best International Films Of 2022, Ranked

Every moment of action in “RRR” was totally hyperreal. One man mows through a crowd of hundreds. People fly through the air and shoot rifles mid-jump, landing perfect bulls-eye shots. War is made into a choreographed dance, and choreographed dances are pure ecstatic joy. The two main characters, Rama and Bheem, are both insanely epic and compelling. They’ve got moves on the battlefield and on the dance floor, and the ladies love them — even the British ones.

The story is a perfect cat-and-mouse narrative, with the main characters acting as both foils and mirrors of one another. Their friendship is full of upbeat, heartfelt, and complicated moments. Despite the long runtime, the plot unfolds at a perfect pace and reveals happen at all the right moments. I’d highly recommend this movie if fast-paced fun with over-the-top action is at all appealing to you — think “Train to Busan,” but with tigers.

Old Hollywood musicals like “Singin’ in the Rain” fit their musical moments in with awkwardly crafted scenarios, while contemporary examples like “In the Heights” move the plot along through the lyrics. In “RRR,” music is a poetic punctuation of an emotional moment. If you’re watching the English dub, I’d recommend turning on the subtitles for full lyrical impact, but the Telugu-language version is, of course, the best method of viewing.

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